Traveling Pulpit Ministries

The Traveling Pulpit exists to be your personal Ministry in Motion. Virtual Ministry aimed at reaching individuals who prefer to connect with Jesus the Christ outside of the traditional building.

The The Traveling Pulpit began through the Ministry and inspiration of Dr. Billy Graham. The dream early on was to travel the world spreading the good news of the gospel like that of Dr. Graham, nonetheless, the Word is still going throughout the world through Virtual Ministry.

Pastor Vern

Vernon Darrell Sherden, Virtual Minister, Founder, and Operator of The Traveling Pulpit Podcast & Ministries. On April 23, 2019, Vernon launched the podcast called The Traveling Pulpit to be a tool aimed at reaching individuals who prefer to connect with Jesus outside of the traditional building, and to give every person a way of connecting or re-connecting with Christ into their lives. Since the launch of the podcast, Vernon has now launched a live stream added to Facebook entitled, “Wednesday with the Word.”

Ministry-In-Motion is what Vernon refers to as the very reason why The Traveling Pulpit Podcast exists, so that the listener can listen while they are going about their everyday lives.

Vernon was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland where he was educated in the Baltimore City Public Schools system. He later graduated from Patterson High School in 1990 and after graduation, he remained in Baltimore where he further grew in the study of God’s word. In March of 2003, Vernon took a leap of faith and left Baltimore and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Where he sat as a layman under different Pastors learning the responsibilities of Ministry.

Vernon later went on to receive an Associate’s Degree in Christian Education in 2010 from Emmanuel Bible College in Nashville, Tennessee and currently is enrolled at Master’s International University of Divinity in Evansville, Indiana.

Vernon felt God’s calling to return to Baltimore where he spent three years attending to his parents who would both pass away from their illnesses within ten months from each other. While working as a licensed minister at Philadelphia Church and Christian Ministries on January 21, 2018, Vernon became recognized as being set apart for the service to God and man by becoming an Ordained Minister and in December of that same year, Vernon moved back home to Nashville, Tennessee where he currently resides with wife Lisa and their two children Zahn and Zorien and an adult child Shakia living in Baltimore with two grandsons Brian and Kyrie.