Don’t eat the fruit because it’s poison

The devil never outright told Adam and Eve what his intentions were, but he lead them to believe they were doing the right thing by eating that fruit. Time has not changed from that time to this, and the devil is playing the same game now as he did then. Jesus told His disciples (Followers) to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves. He (Jesus) is the only way, and to go that way means to go the way of hate, mockery, and exclusion. Oh but what waits for us on the other side far outweighs anything the can be given to us on this side. The KING is coming!!! #thetravelingpulpit 

Author: Pastor Vern

Greetings beloved, I am Vernon D. Sherden, Pastor, Author, & Founder of The Traveling Pulpit Podcast. I am also a sinner saved by grace and having received the full blessings from our God and Creator, I have dedicated my life to the service of mankind by introducing and re-introducing Christ into lives I reach or come in contact with everyday.