Faith or Fear

In the Apostle Paul’s second letter to Timothy, he reminded Timothy (and the generations to come) that God gave us a spirit. He gave us His Spirit when He breathed into the nostrils of His creation and the man became a living being. The reminder that the Apostle Paul wanted to relay to Timothy is the Spirit of God is not a spirit of fear but of power and love and self-control. Unfortunately mankind’s spirit is of fear and whore mongering and whose heart has become deceitful and wicked.

These are the qualities the devil uses when promoting fear into the world. As a righteous man is a powerful tool in the hand of his Creator who benefits from the power of God, so too a man is useless in the hand of the creature who usurps the energy of the easily manipulated. The weak minded can be used to indoctrinate those who are weak minded such as himself and appear to be wise among men and wise in his own eyes without realizing that he is casting his own life to the wind.

Every man is tested. Every man is shown the riches of the world and every man is given the opportunity to receive a share of the riches of the world and the only thing they have to do to receive a share of the world’s riches is to become unrighteous meaning giving up the natural use for which mankind was created and that is to honor God and then to suppress the truth not acknowledging the eternal power and divine nature of the Creator which leads to and becoming futile in their thinking turning their foolish hearts dark.

We are now living in a time where mankind has made up a lie to deceive the whole world. The rebellion that lives in the heart of mankind has lead man to rebel against the Gospel by false teachers whose conscience has been seared with hot iron. Unbelieving and godless, mankind has created for itself a way to separate themselves from the people of God most High by inventing fake virus but a real mark through which mankind can tell one from another those who belong to the powers of this world.

And will implement its power and authority over those who refuse by shutting them out from buying or selling until the fear of going hungry and without essentials cause the weak to bow down to the powers of this world. Unable to realize that the bird who neither reaps now sows is presented with food and essentials from day to day will mankind give up his own salvation and trade it in for eternal damnation all for drink of water.



Author: Pastor Vern

Greetings beloved, I am Vernon D. Sherden, Pastor, Author, & Founder of The Traveling Pulpit Podcast. I am also a sinner saved by grace and having received the full blessings from our God and Creator, I have dedicated my life to the service of mankind by introducing and re-introducing Christ into lives I reach or come in contact with everyday.