Seeing is not believing: It’s Destruction!

Every tree that was created through the voice of Yahweh was given a name by mankind except one. Not that mankind was without knowledge, but Yahweh created some beautiful trees like the Almond Tree, the Apple Tree, & the Apricot Tree just to name a few. However, among all the trees that were created by the voice of Yahweh there was one tree that stood out above the rest and that is the tree that Yahweh put in the midst of the garden and denied his creation access to eat from this tree.

Yahweh was teaching his newly made created being that he was made to have access but also to have limitations. By doing this, Yahweh was showing the man that the world he occupies does not belong to him and therefore, cannot claim ownership to something he did not create.

Yahweh called this tree of restriction: The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

This tree that Yahweh named came with stern warning; Yahweh said, “You may surely eat of every tree in the garden, but of the tree of the knowledge you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

Now man was given unlimited knowledge and Yahweh allowed him to name every living thing on the earth and its equal, but mankind was one of a kind because there was no one that was equal to him. This moved Yahweh to create for him a helper, someone who would be equal to man but not exactly the same as man.

So Yahweh overshadowed the man and caused him to experience something he never had nor had a reason to until now and that was to be put to sleep. When Yahweh removed Himself from the body of man and he woke up, man was not with pain nor memory of what happened. Yahweh had a surprise for him when he saw his equal but not the same standing in front of him.

Yahweh took His finger and cut open the man’s side and proceeded to break off one of the man’s ribs so that He would be able to create man’s equal but not the same to present to the man upon waking up from Yahweh’s over shadowing. When he saw his equal he said, “at last this is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh. We are equal but we are not the same; you shall be called woman.” They are bonded by flesh.

The man and the woman enjoyed their happiness in the world created by Yahweh and Yahweh enjoyed being with them as they explored the new world before them until the day that would change the course of every living being and thing on the earth.

Woman noticed the tree of the knowledge of good and evil with its fruit unlike the other fruit that grew in the garden and woman was curious to find out. It didn’t take long before the serpent came to the woman to inquire about her curiosity for the tree that grew such eye catching fruit.

Woman: Such strange fruit. Unlike any that I have seen.

Serpent: Oh this is just any old fruit that is knowledge giving fruit. I’m sure you have been told that you can enjoy yourself to every tree in this garden.

Woman: We have authority to eat of every tree in this garden, except this tree. We cannot even touch this fruit lest we die.

Serpent: Nonsense! God knows the moment you eat of this fruit you will become more knowledgeable than your very own creator. He knows this and this is the reason you are forbidden to eat this fruit.

At that point the man who was with the woman arrived as a sign of support for his equal. Seeing that the fruit was far more desirable to be had and a delight to the eyes, she willing grabbed the fruit and took a huge bite of it. The soft skin and sweet taste was so pleasing to the taste buds that her knees buckled with delight.

Seeing that her equal was standing by her, she extended her arm with the fruit in hand and told her equal, “You have to try this because it is sooooo delicious.” Man took the fruit from her hand and seeing the pleasure that the fruit gave her, he to took an even bigger bite of the fruit and as he felt the same euphoria as his equal he looked down at the fruit and it was then that he realized that the fruit bared no seed.

That is when the words of his creator came rushing back to his memory. “For in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

The man had not realized that the fruit was dead which gave it such an appeal to the eyes. For where there is no seed there is no life. On that day death separated Yahweh from His creation until one day Yahweh gave mankind a Savior.

His name is Y’eshua. King of Kings and Lord of Lords.